Active Projects – Oct 2017

On Friday 6th October I had the pleasure of speaking at the school’s Harvest Festival in St Helens Church in front of 400 children and about 250 parents.

I had previously visited the school in May, speaking at their Africa Awareness Day and as a result of their efforts we were able to fund a handwash station at the Liverpool Community Junior School toilet block. I briefly spoke about the school to the pupils, staff and parents and they raised an AMAZING £400 to help fund the building of the library at Liverpool School.
MANY thanks to everyone at the school for their ongoing support which is greatly appreciated.

The Rotary Club of Woodstock & Kidlington For the third consecutive year The Club is organising a 100 Club in support of projects in Sierra Leone. For the past 2 years they have funded all the water harvesting systems on the four classrooms and the toilet block (including a handwash station) at the Good News Community School (re-named the Banbury International Community School).
This year they are going to fund water harvesting again, but this year their funds will enable us to install a system on the original four classroom block at the Liverpool Community School. A total of £3,528 will pay for the entire system (including 2 x 3,000 litre water storage tanks) to be fitted and any surplus from their donation will be used for the system which will be fitted to the new library block which will be built between now and Christmas. A HUGE thank you to Bob & Bill (the driving force behind the project), to the members of Woodstock & Kidlington Rotary Club and all the members of the 100 Club – your support is helping to Make A Real Difference to the school and community.

Another 31 boys are now the proud recipients of an Oxford United kit as a result of the fantastic ongoing support from the Club. I would like to thank, once again, Peter Rhoades–Brown for donating another set of kit and to Joanna Fowler of Westminster Group PLC who delivered the kit to Pastor Mark at Calvary School, a school that the Westminster Group Foundation supports. 100 boys have received kit in the last month as a result of the support I receive from Oxford United

An impromptu book sale was held on Saturday 7th October and another £72 was raised to help fund the building of the library at the Liverpool Community School in Waterloo. The total raised at this year’s three book sales is £627 and with donations from a collection tin in the shop the total raised so far this calendar year is £712. Books & Ink have been supporting my projects in Freetown since January 2015 and have donated a total of £2,035. Many thanks to Sam, Karl & Sandra for ALL their ongoing support which is GREATLY appreciated and is helping me to “change lives and make dreams a reality”.

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