Water Projects – Dec 2017

Banbury International Community School

I am really pleased to report that the installation of the water well at the school was completed this week and all that remains is for a gate to be fitted on the entrance. I must extend my sincere thanks to Nicola Wilkinson who co-ordinated the funding of this project and acknowledge the support of Reading Matins Rotary Club and Nicola’s family and friends who made this possible. All their fundraising was matched by a Rotary District 1090 Grant under the banner of water & sanitation

Even before the work was completed they had started to use the well – prior to this the locals were having to walk between 200 and 800 metres to fetch clean water for their daily needs.

WE want to say A VERY BIG THANK YOU to you, Miss Nicola and all your supporters for the development of the safe drinking water well project for our school and community.


Liverpool Community School

The water harvesting project on the 4 classroom block at the school was completed last week. This project was sponsored by the members of the 100 Club of Woodstock & Kidlington Rotary Club with matched funding from Rotary District 1090.
There are 2 x 3,000 litre water tanks harvesting rainwater from the classroom block roof which provides water for cleaning, cooking and washing.

The entire staff and pupils of Liverpool and Banbury community schools wish to express their THANKS and appreciation to YOU and the rest of your supporters, for making this great difference in our communities. There is now a better hope for the future of the children. These facilities have provided comfort for both pupils, staff and people within our two communities – we will ever remain grateful to you and your donor partners for all your support. God bless you all. 2017 has been a very busy year supporting the 4 schools in the Freetown area that I work with and I am looking forward to future development of the school projects. THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has helped me “Make A Real Difference”.

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